• Create live, two way interactive brand experiences that generate a lasting experience between consumers and brand.
  • Produce authentic, inspiring and relevant content with consumers that will encourage sharing on social media platforms such as facebook.
  • Extend the reach of your brand beyond the immediate circle of people physically at your event.
  • Turn consumers into brand advocates.
  • Customise frames for each client event.
  • A social media campaign with guaranteed reach to all friends of each consumer.
  • Instagram – All photos can be encouraged to be shared on instagram with a specific hashtag, further increasing social media reach.
  • If you aren’t interested in any of the social media we can offer you a printing option to print the branded photos on the spot and give to people at the event.
Smales Farm Outdoor Movie Season Feb/Mar 2016

Smales Farm Outdoor Movie Season Feb/Mar 2016

  • Over 250 photos taken in two hours.
  • 227 new page ‘likes’ over the promo period
  • 14% increase in Facebook likes from the week prior

Ghiotti Derby Day

Ghiotti Derby Day

  • Thousands of Ghiotti Gelato samples given  out at Derby Day
  • Hundreds of people being photograhped and uploaded to the Ghiotti Facebook page
  • Over 200 new page ‘likes’ over the promo period