The A List: Five Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

The A List: Five Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

We won’t sugar coat this; here at The Generalist, we love Instagram. Like really, really love it. It’s kind of love where you look up from your phone on a Friday night only to realise you have lost three hours of your life following inspirational yoga, tropical holiday, celeb, food and fashion feeds – but you’re okay with it.

Confessions out of the way, the photo sharing social media platform is the perfect tool when you need a hearty dose of fitspo motivation, wish list ideas for your next international jaunt or just want to scroll through a never ending list of perfect weddings.

On that note, here are five Instagram accounts you should be following.

Kelly Oxford – kellyoxford

There’s nothing we love more than a hysterically witty, super stylish and intelligent mum-of-three, who can also count New York Times best-selling author, screen writer and online celeb amongst her accolades.
Kelly Oxford first gained recognition with her Twitter account (she has more than 600,000 followers) where she shares her satirical opinions of life, pop culture, parenting and cats! That’s right, the woman is nailing it.
Check out her Instagram account for some great photos to match her hilarious quips.
Spoiler alert, there will be plenty more of this:

Kelly Oxford Instagram


And if you ever want a break from all that online stuff, you should give her semi-autobiographical book Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar a try too.


Zac Posen – zac_posen

Looking for a dose of glam? Zac Posen shares all things luxe plus an intimate behind the scenes look at how his coveted creations are designed and made. The award winning designer is also the creative director for Brooks Brothers and last year launched his first bridal range, Truly Zac Posen.



On top of all of this, Zac is a secret foodie, often sharing pics of delicious dinners he whips up. And like us (and all great people) the man loves pasta!


Humans of New York – humansofny

Quite possibly the best thing on the internet, Humans of New York is an inspirational blog started by US photographer Brandon, who initially wanted to snap 10,000 of the Big Apple’s inhabitants going about there day.

Somewhere along the way, he started interviewing his subjects and posting quotes alongside the images.

Sometimes inspiring other times so moving you can’t help but shed a tear, the images are always an insightful look into fellow humans’ daily lives.

Most recently Humans of New York has raised more than $1million after Brandon photographed underprivileged student Vidal from Mott’s Hall Bridges Academy in Brooklyn.HONY



Vidal explained his principal was the most influential person in his life and from there an incredible fundraiser was kicked off to send every student at Motts Hall on a visit to Harvard. It has since expanded to include scholarships, and summer programmes.



Chrissy Teigen – chrissyteigen

Let’s just get this off our chest straight away – we want to be Chrissy Teigen! And if that’s not possible, then we would probably settle for being her best friend or even just being allowed to sit in the same room as her.

The TV host/model (she was on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue last year) is obviously gorgeous, but she’s also incredibly funny and a seriously good cook. Yes, you read that right – she’s a model who loves to eat! Look, here’s some proof – see below, here’s the aforementioned model eating KFC in bed. Also she’s married to super talented crooner John Legend – more proof below.


But it’s not just the witty posts, amazing husband, great cooking and glam model life that keep us coming back to Chrissy’s account – she’s also a mad animal lover with three adorable bulldogs, who make regular appearances on the feed.

Chrissy Teigen instagram

Jamie Oliver – jamieoliver

With all those great children, more successful hit cooking shows than we can name and a cheeky grin, Jamie Oliver is quite possible the most loveable chef around.

Dive into his delicious world on his Instagram account, where he of course posts incredible recipes, cute family snaps and foodie inspiration.

Jamie Oliver food pic

He also shares scrumptious cocktail recipes to get you through this glorious summer (long may it last).

Disclaimer; you will walk away very hungry!


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