The A List: Free App Your Life

The A List: Free App Your Life

With technology constantly on the rise and free Wi-Fi spots popping up around the country, it’s now easier than ever to find and download apps. From Google Maps forever getting us to the right location to YouTube allowing us to keep up-to-date with the latest music vids – apps are there to make our lives that little bit easier. Here are some lesser known free apps we think deserve some attention!


Ever hear that song on the radio and think damn! I wish I knew what that was. Now you can with the SoundHound app. SoundHound listens to the song for you displaying the title and artist so you can easily find or download that song later. It also conveniently finds the lyrics if you’re in the mood for a sing-a-long.



Got an eye for a bargain? You’ll love this! The GrabOne app lets you check daily deals while on the run. From beauty bargains to travel discounts and food vouchers, GrabOne helps you save that little bit extra.



Struggling to keep in touch and stay connected? Introducing Viber! As long as you have an internet connection Viber lets you call any number anywhere in the world free! With options for group messaging and sending photos, videos and stickers, you’ll never be out of touch again.


Daily Water

Such a simple idea and yet something most of us are guilty of – not drinking enough water. This app lets you enter the desired amount of water you want to drink each day (Health authorities recommend eight glasses per day). Keep a drink bottle handy – oh and don’t venture too far from the toilet!


Food in a Minute – Recipes to Go

Stuck on what to cook for dinner? Need to take a plate but only have 20 minutes? Food in a Minute has you covered. It’s easy to use, just search for a specific recipe, select a previously saved favourite or pick the main ingredient for a list of options. Feeling risky? Shake your device for a random recipe!


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