The A List: Our Long Weekend Loves

The A List: Our Long Weekend Loves

fairy-fallsJust when the post-holiday blues are well and truly starting to set in, our glorious city goes and throws us a bone – and let’s be honest after almost one month back at work, we totally deserve it! So, thank you Auckland for having an anniversary that means on Monday instead of dragging ourselves out of bed to watch another beautiful summer day pass from behind our desks we will be doing anything we want. Truly anything at all!
But if your struggling to come up with ideas to fill that blessed extra day of the weekend, we’ve thought of a few for you!
And don’t despair if you don’t get through all of our fantastic ideas this weekend, because there is another long one coming up on February 6. Life really is good!

The Tannery – home of Kohu Road ice-cream
These brilliantly warm summer days (long may they last) have been practically screaming at us to eat as much ice-cream as we can.
If you’re looking to make an outing of it, you can’t go past New Lynn’s recently opened The Tannery.
Here you can indulge in the award-winning Kohu Road ice-cream, (we recommend a scoop or two of golden syrup) while peering through to the factory where they make the delicious, creamy stuff.
It’s the latest collaboration between the Kiwi ice-cream brand and local coffee connoisseurs Mt Atkinson where you can also watch the beans being roasted.
And for those who can’t decide between the hot and cold offerings, why not go the whole hog and try their affogato – a combo of ice-cream covered in rich, steaming hot, black coffee.

The Wild West Coast
Beat the heat and head just outside of Auckland to the incredible West Coast beaches. With 50 km of pristine shoreline, epic surf for the thrill seekers, beautiful coastal walks and a cute café, we love Muriwai.
Why not pack a picnic and set up camp for the day or better yet try actually camping.
The Muriwai Beach Motor Camp is the closest to the beach and offers powered sites and kitchen and bathroom facilities. It’s the perfect spot to get back in touch with nature and only 40 minutes outside of the city!
Note; Piha is always worth a trip too.

Walking the Waitaks
While you’re out West, set aside some time to try one of the beautiful hikes in the Waitakere Ranges.
Don’t freak out at the mention of a “hike”. While there are plenty of challenging tracks for the fit and fearless, we promise, if you just want a scenic interlude to the cheese eating and wine drinking that long weekends demand, there are plenty of short walks too.
One of our favourites is the Fairy Falls track, which at a gentle amble takes around 45 minutes. Enter opposite the parking area on Scenic Drive and wind your way through native bush trails before following the many steps down to the magical Fairy Falls, where you can take a refreshing dip in fresh flowing water.
Yes, you do have to walk back up all those stairs but just think, it will be so worth it when you cut into the next round of delicious camembert.

There’s nothing quite like sipping on a cold one to celebrate the long one. Summer is the perfect season for beer and we think we’ve found the perfect place to enjoy some frothy, hoppy goodness.
Nestled amongst the rolling farmland of Riverhead sits Hallertau brew bar and restaurant – a boutique brewery dedicated to serving up their distinctive, unpasteurised and unfiltered craft beers.
Don’t miss Sunday afternoons at Hallertau, where there’s always at least one great Kiwi act playing live music for the thirsty crowd. Take our advice and go early to avoid missing out on a table.

Matakana markets
Breakfast is our favourite meal of the day and we think it should be celebrated. With all that extra time on your hands we suggest you settle in for a long brunch on Saturday.
Start with a trip to the Matakana Markets where local growers and producers show off the freshest of organic produce, delicately shaved cured meats, handmade Italian sausages and every treat you can imagine.
After stocking up, head home and use your market inspiration to whip up a breakfast extravaganza.
Don’t forget to indulge in one of the divine pastries, best consumed with a piping hot cup of coffee!

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