About This Project

Avon – it’s one of the best known beauty brands in the world. Everyone has their own ‘Avon story’, mostly childhood ones of mum’s excitement at finding the latest catalogue in the mailbox or the Avon lady knocking on the door. Having been in presence in the lives of kiwi women for over 40 years, Avon was looking to refresh its image, attract new audiences and launch the Avon True Color range, a mix of new makeup products and updated favourites.



The launch was deliberately informal and personal, with editors and influencers invited to join Avon’s Corporate Communications Manager and ANZ Sales Manager for a meal in The Kitchen at Mr Toms. It was a rare opportunity to meet people from the brand, which is run out of Australia, and media jumped at the chance to come and and learn more about the brand’s heritage and its plans for the future.

‘From ding dong to dotcom’ is how Avon describes its journey, so the event was designed to feel less like part of the day job and more like a catch-up with friends and neighbours, emulating those Avon make-up parties your mum used to host or attend back in the 70s and 80s. Everyone sat around a large central table sharing deliciously fresh, refreshingly unfussy food and sharing their Avon stories as they chatted with the brand representatives and learned about the business behind the brand.

With stunning yet restrained floral arrangements as counterpoint to the simplicity of the packaging, the event had the atmosphere of a home. The lush greenery and abundant natural light were the perfect backdrop for product displays and lent a relaxed vibe to the event – almost like dropping in at a friend’s for coffee. Guests loved the chance to ask questions one-on-one while checking out the sharp new packaging and quality yet affordable products in the Avon True Color range.

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