Electrolux – It’s All About Choice Launch

About This Project

Because life is all about choice, Electrolux invited both media and retailers to enjoy an exclusive event where they would be introduced to the ultimate choice, thanks to the most elite technology available on the market.


To showcase this there was only one location in mind – The French Café. Winner of Metro’s Restaurant of the Year, Chef of the Year and more, Simon Wright played chef in his newly created French Kitchen (decked out with Electrolux domestic kitchenware) while introducing thre new Electrolux Small Appliances to media.

To introduce these new products, The Generalist PR employed the acting skills of three super stylish men, to play the characteristics and benefits of each product.

The Ultrsilencer – a sophisticated man, who portrayed the quietest vacuum ever created.

The Ultraperformer – Actor Will Hall (Nothing Trivial) played a vibrant, energetic option (and a real favourite with Kiwis)

The Ultracaptic – Actor Ben Barrington (The Almighty Johnsons) played the most futuristic and technologically advanced offering with absolutely no baggage.

Over canapés and champagne, these actors wooed media vying for their ‘vote’, then at the end of lunch, each editor was invited to fill in their questionnaire on ‘which Electrolux was the ultimate choice for them’. Over three sessions, there were three different winners – proving that the choice is personal, which is why Electrolux continue to offer the best choices possible. Feedback on this event from both media and trade alike continues to prove that Electrolux Small Appliances know how to entertain and inform in a manner which is fun, educational and most importantly memorable.

Hands down - this is the best launch I have ever attended,
Karyn Henger; editor of Little Treasures.
You guys do the most fun launches - thanks for inviting me!
Catherine Smith from The Weekend Herald.
What a fantastic launch for Electrolux! The venue, the entertainment and the food was amazing, it was great to see Simon Wright in action, I really had a good time
Emma Pou, Farmers buyer Small Appliances.