Electrolux Ultrapower Launch

About This Project

Let’s face it …most people wouldn’t admit to housework being fun!

Electrolux knows this … and that’s why their constant revolutionary technology continuously focuses on how to make things easier, faster and better than ever before. The result; The Ultrapower – taking cordless freedom to a whole new level.

To introduce this latest creation to New Zealand media, specific lifestyle editors and opinion leaders were invited to join for ‘Champagne and Canapes’ as we celebrated the new technological break-through.

Over two sessions, editors were welcomed by two stunning drag queens wearing bathrobes. Whilst clearly not ready for their arrival and still ‘tidying house’, media enjoyed bubbles and giggles while the entertainment kept them enthused.

Suddenly… lights dim… bathrobes are cast aside, and Freddie Mercury screams ‘I want to break free!’.

A choreographed dance to this song ensues, using the Ultrapowers as props which illustrate to journalists how they too can banish housework boredom.

After the performance, and a brief chat with Drag Queen ‘Tess Tickle’ on the features and benefits of The Ultrapower, Alan Dalton –General Manager of Electrolux Small Appliances New Zealand shared with lifestyle media the work that goes in to the finished Electrolux Product, offering editors the opportunity to ask questions specific to their publication, and try the Ultrapower for themselves.

Of course – whilst editors were not offered the outfits to ‘break free from housework boredom’ like our Drag Queens… each editor did leave with their very own piece of revolutionary technology to enjoy – The Electrolux Ultrapower.

Since this media event, The Generalist PR has had the opportunity to negotiate a number of giveaways, subs drives, and product placements for The Ultrapower – proving once again that high heels, lots of makeup and technical gadgets that look good… and DO the job with ease, always make for a winning combination!