School Holidays Week 2 Solved – You’re Welcome…

School Holidays Week 2 Solved – You’re Welcome…

Week one down…! Now wondering what on earth you’re going to do with your wee monkeys for the second week of school holidays?! Even the most energetic amongst us struggle to fill the days, especially when you’re used to working your weekdays.

school-holiday-funRead on for our top tips to avoid the dreaded “I’m boooooored” chorus as you shut yourself in the pantry to take a sip of the cooking wine (or is that just us…?).

Indoor trampoline parks have ‘sprung’ up everywhere of late. If you haven’t taken your kids already, you’re crazy. Most have a café on site so you can grab a coffee and scroll through your phone while the kids wear themselves out. The Jump venues have Parkour areas, perfect for hyper kids who need to burn some energy!

If you’re a moderate in the great sugar debate, The Old Lolly Shop in Takapuna lets kids make their own lollipops. Sessions run 10am, 10:40am, 11:20am, 12noon and 12:40am and it pays to make a booking first. Make a day of it and walk down to the nearby beach, where you’ll find an epic playground that caters to kids of all ages and is one of the best ones we’ve been to.

Auckland Zoo. Yeah, it’s been done, but it’s also been done for a reason. Every time the kids go they find something new, there are ice creams galore and it’s a minimum two hour excursion designed to wear the kids out and hopefully teach them something. Check the website for live shows and activities – the Zoo’s pretty good at turning it on over the holidays. And no kid can resist seeing the tiger stalk them right up to the window.

If you’ve got older ones to occupy, MOTAT is a great day out and a good way to get them off their devices and mindless video games. Check out the new Glow Zone, where black lights and UV reactive materials surround as you sneak, squeeze, balance and bounce your way through challenging obstacles. Even the sagest parent can learn a thing or two at MOTAT, so you might surprise yourself and enjoy it too.

If none of that inspires, then get your Google on. There are kids’ cooking classes, parent and child yoga classes, dress-up days, petting zoos and all manner of things to get the kids out of the house and inspire them. As tired as you’ll be, it’s totally worth it for their beaming faces on the way home, telling you they just had the best day with you ever!

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