The A-List: A Coffee A Day, Keeps Most Of Us Sane. The Perfect Auckland Picks For Your Daily Caffeine Fix.

The A-List: A Coffee A Day, Keeps Most Of Us Sane. The Perfect Auckland Picks For Your Daily Caffeine Fix.



Coffee makes the world go round. It wakes us up in the morning, keeps us going throughout the day and ultimately makes us all happy! So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to track down the best coffee spots all over Auckland. There’s an abundance of places from the beaches of West Auckland to the Eastern coast so you’ve got no reason to ever be subject to a sub-standard coffee again.


Black & Gold

black and gold

Champion baristas David Huang and Kayoko Nakamura decided that they needed to something about the fact that Albany was seriously lacking in great coffee shops. After opening in early 2014, they have certainly sorted out that wee issue. Now a coffee hot spot on the North Shore, Black and Gold use Coffee Supreme to create their masterpieces. They also have a big focus on sustainability which means you can feel good knowing you’re contributing to an environmentally friendly business.

Coffee Lab Cafe

coffee lab

This little gem is nestled in the Wairau Valley and is a quaint little spot full of expert baristas producing perfect coffees day in and out. The stock standard is their own roasted Premium Blend, or there’s a choice of unique single origin espressos and specialty coffees to choose from. The best spot to just curl up in the sun and enjoy some quality coffee.


Espresso Room

Espresso Room

Hidden away in the depths of rural West Auckland, Espresso Room in Waimauku Village is definitely the place to stop in next time you’re headed out to Muriwai. Scott and Vanessa know their stuff when it comes to coffee and use Boxer coffee which is perfect every time and the ideal accompaniment to their Eggs Benedict, alternatively the cabinet is full of tasty treats to grab if you’re on the go. The only downside to this little spot is that they’re only open on weekdays.



There’s a lot to love about Kokako. They roast their own beans in their purpose-built roastery in Grey Lynn, only moments away from their café. All coffee is organic and fair trade certified, so you can feel good drinking it too! The team at Kokako have made coffee into a very delicate science. They offer a variety of single and multiple origin blends, all with different flavours and undertones, from fruits, to spices and everything in between. Another specialty of theirs is cold brew coffee. Refreshing, but still with that great coffee hit, it’s an awesome alternative to energy drinks and perfect for cocktail mixing… Espresso martini anyone?


Café on Kohi

Cafe on Kohi

Café on Kohi is the Hip Group’s eastern offering. They have a tasty menu with a few unusual items i.e. chicken livers. Although they aren’t everyone’s first choice, they’re surprisingly delicate and yummy. The appeal of this particular spot is the idyllic view of Kohimarama Beach, perfectly paired with a hot cup of Allpress Coffee.

Coffee and Tea Lovers

Coffee and Tea lovers

Coffee and Tea Lovers have a few little cafes scattered around East Tamaki, Howick Village and Remuera. These specialty cafes and retail stores offer you the ability to try a very extensive range of specialty tea and coffee blends and purchase all the equipment you could need to create your own unique café experience at home. They know their stuff here and staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have or point you in the right direction when it comes to finding the blend best suited to you.


The Sugar Shed

the sugar shed

The Sugar Shed in Pukekohe is a dessert café all about satisfying people’s sweet cravings and desires in the best way possible. Decadent and gorgeous desserts are complimented with Vittoria Coffee which cuts through the rich fare they have on offer. Their rustic décor makes The Sugar Shed super welcoming and the best place to share dessert and coffee.

Petal ‘n Pots Café

Petal pots

Petal ‘n Pots Café in Pukekohe is a picturesque garden centre café with an impressive lily pond, a gift shop and Allpress coffee. Their fresh and floral setting make for a welcoming environment, exactly where you can comfortably sit and enjoy your morning coffee – and it’s guaranteed to be good!


Atomic Roastery

Atomic Roastery 1

Atomic Roastery in Kingsland started off small, but has now blossomed into a coffee empire. The modern and edgy interior houses a café, on-site roastery and one of Auckland’s only brew bars. This combination of coffee options makes for a unique and full-blown coffee extravaganza. Enjoy your favourite beverage and rest easy knowing all of their beans are 100% fair trade.

The Shelf

The Shelf

The Shelf is a cute and trendy little cafe hidden away on High St. They offer an amazing range of unique specialty coffees with a quirky twist – you can add your own espresso and chocolate to velvety steamed milk or flavoured ice cubes in order to create the perfectly balanced drink for you. A very fun and novel experience which highlights the coffee and Whittakers chocolate they use.

Espresso Workshop

Espresso Workshop

Espresso Workshop in Britomart is the central city’s connection to the Parnell Roastery. At this vibrant and bustling location, the mantra is that coffee is more than just a product that we utilize on a day-to-day basis, it’s an experience to be celebrated. The staff are passionate and committed to crafting the best coffee every time and extracting the fullest flavours from their range of single and blended origin beans. Definitely somewhere to stop in on your way to or from the train station.

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