The A-List: Foodie Frenzy

The A-List: Foodie Frenzy

Here at TGPR we love to get out and about to try the latest eats and treats around the city, so we’ve made a list of our top picks to try this weekend (or whenever you have a moment).

Little John’s – Parnell

Get your morning fix at Parnell’s still relatively undiscovered coffee bar and café, Little John’s. Enjoy the ample seating and incredible architecture carefully constructed by Glamuzina Architects, while barrister Tim Solomon extracts you the perfect Eighthirty brew. Nestled away behind 46 & York, this discreet gem offers some of the best coffee and treats on the Strand.

Little john's

The Street Food Collective – Ponsonby

Join the food revolution this winter in Auckland’s much-loved hot spot, Ponsonby. With the recently opened Street Food Collective, bringing you a rotating menu of fine cuisine, burgers and sweet treats from the best up-and-coming foodies in town it’s the place to be this season. Pair your meal with a delicious craft beer or be a little risky with one of their homemade moonshine cocktails.


Swig – Queen Street

Hidden away from the rush of one of Auckland’s busiest streets is a taste straight from the streets of France. Swig offers a range of sweet treats, savoury pastries and delicious, hot coffee made traditional-style. The French macarons are a must try, and Swig offers the popular sweet treat in a variety of colours and flavours.


Celebrate Matariki, Maori New Year at Te Mahurehure Marae

Join the festivities and celebrate Matariki with the Te Mahurehure hangi workshop this weekend, where guests will learn how to prepare a traditional hangi in native New Zealand style. Guests will then be invited to share a feast to enjoy the delicious food they have cooked.


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