The A-List: The Weird And Wonderful World Of Wearable Art

The A-List: The Weird And Wonderful World Of Wearable Art


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What it is:


The World of Wearable Art (WOW) Awards Show is an annual extravaganza in

Wellington where artists and designers from New Zealand and all around the

globe showcase garments in a spectacular two-hour show. Every entry is

individually choreographed in order to truly communicate what the artist

envisioned. Art, music, dance, drama and comedy are fused together to create an

event like no other. A cast and crew over 400 strong run the show over 12 nights

in a culmination of design, movement, drama and sophisticated lighting and

stage technology.

WOW is all about taking art off the wall and onto the stage, which it does every

year to over 50,000 people.



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The first ever World of Wearable Art show was in 1987 as a promotion for a

rural art gallery in Nelson. Sculptor Suzie Moncrieff envisioned art being

something that was hung on the human form, not just on the wall and presented

her show to an audience of 200 people in a community hall. As they say, the rest

is history!

The Wearable Art Gallery:


wearableart_pic3 wearableart_pic1

The Wearable Art Gallery in Nelson is close to where it all began nearly 30 years

ago. Only a hop, skip and a jump across Cook Strait, the gallery houses 60

different WOW garments, many of the winners of numerous categories and

awards. The entire exhibition changes in April and November so every trip is

unique and enthralling.

Where and what to do:




The show is hosted at the TSB Bank Arena, Queens Wharf, Wellington. Every

year the city is transformed into even more of a bustling, artistic and alternative

community. The ‘Windy City’ really lets the true creative come out to play.

If you’re headed to the capital for WOW this year, we’ve done a little bit of

research for what to see and do in the capital either before or after you have

your mind blown by the extraordinary show.

  • Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa


as an interactive and visitor focussed museum, delivering culture, art and

history to the public in a way that only Wellington could. An extensive

range of short-term and permanent exhibitions means that every visit is

different and interesting.

  • Mt Victoria


Mt Victoria is a prominent lookout spot, offering picturesque views from

its 196m high peak. Mt Vic’s Maori name is Tangi Te Keo. This incredible

natural attraction is surrounded by some of Wellington’s well-known

destinations such as Government House, St Gerard’s Church and

Monastry, the Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Basin Reserve Sports Stadium,

and the National War Memorial lies at it’s feet.

  • Carter Observatory
The Milky Way hangs low over Carter Observatory late one night in Wellington, New Zealand.

The Milky Way hangs low over Carter Observatory late one night in Wellington, New Zealand.

Carter’s Observatory is New Zealand’s oldest observatory name after

Charles Rooking Carter. Carter donated thousands of pounds from his

estate to the Royal Society of New Zealand in the 1800s with the intention

of it going towards establishing an astronomical observatory in

Wellington. It is now a world-class visitor attraction, housing the Thomas

Cooke telescope.

  • Cafes




A scene of assembly for Wellington’s creative cognoscenti, the Matterhorn welcomes a multicoloured array of clientele. Originally a Swiss coffee house opened in 1963, it has metamorphosed into a regular’s restaurant, café, cocktail bar and supper club, where attitude is valued over attire.


o Floriditas


Floriditas is well-known to locals for it’s tasty baking and spacious

interior. They provide good Kiwi fare sourced from local



o Avida


Take a taste trip around the Mediterranean, spiraling out along the North African coast through Spain and into Europe. Select from bite sized tapas and tasty coca breads, share plates, full mains, sweets and so much more.


Show times:


10620211_10152423132648123_8713373571694233351_o wearableart_pic5

Wednesday 23 September 7pm

Thursday 24 Sept 8pm

Friday 25 Sept 8pm (Awards night)

Saturday 26 Sept 8pm

Sunday 27 Sept 5pm

Thursday 1 Oct 8pm

Friday 2 Oct 8pm

Saturday 3 Oct 2pm

Saturday 3 Oct 8pm

Sunday 4 Oct 5pm

Thursday 8 Oct 8pm

Friday 9 Oct 8pm

Saturday 10 Oct 2pm

Saturday 10 Oct 8pm

Sunday 11 Oct 2pm


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