The A-List: Top 5 Secret Scenic Strolls For Your Long Weekend

The A-List: Top 5 Secret Scenic Strolls For Your Long Weekend

Top 5 lesser-known spots to adventure to this long weekend:


Long weekends are definitely one of our favourite things. There’s nothing quite

like being able to sleep in for three whole days in a row! Labour Day

commemorates the establishment of the 8-hour working day and it just so

happens to signal that summer isn’t far off. So in the spirit of sunshine, relaxing

and our gorgeous countryside, we’ve compiled our top walks, but we’ve put a bit

of a twist on them. We all know how stunning, Rangitoto and Mission Bay are,

but we also know how crowded they can be on public holidays. So check out our

top 5 lesser known, but equally amazing spots to adventure to this long


  • Fairy Falls

Fairy Falls 2 Fairy Falls 1

Fairy falls is probably one of the most popular waterfalls in Auckland, and

deservingly so! Situated in the central part of the Waitakere Ranges, the falls is a

major attraction out west. The walk there and back takes a fairly leisurely 90-

minutes. Although a little steep in some places, this is an absolutely stunning

spot to stroll out to – weather permitting you can reward yourself with a

refreshing swim at the base of the waterfall.

  • Huia Dam Track

Huia Dam 2 Huia Dam

There are heaps of neat little trails to and from Huia Dam all of varying times and

distances depending on how much wildlife you feel like immersing yourself in.

This is another of West Auckland’s offerings! The dam was formed in 1929 and is

part of the water supply for Auckland. This incredible man-made feature is


  •  Nihotupu

Nihotupu upper Nihotupu lower Nihotupu

Also located in the Waitakere Ranges, Nihotupu boasts two waterfalls and a

reservoir. A light walk – less than an hour there and back – makes this the

perfect spot to adventure around if you only have either morning or the

afternoon to do so. The reservoir is the ideal spot for a picnic and photo op!

  • Beachlands-Maraetai Walkway


The Beachlands to Maaetai Walkway is walk and cycleway that meanders along

the coast between these two picturesque locations. The 5km stretch can be done

in just over 90 minutes and provides plenty of opportunities to take in the

coastal views and plant life. Rain or shine this walk is pleasant and beautiful and

is accessible for prams and wheelchairs.

  •  Long Bay

long_bay_6 long_bay_10 long_bay_5_1

This 2 and a half-hour stroll is a bit different from the others as it follows the

coast and covers farmland. This walk is a nice, fairly flat stroll with the

opportunity to walk along the beach at low tide and is more so about the journey

rather than the destination. Long Bay is well-known for being a top picnic spot.

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