The A List: A View from the Top

The A List: A View from the Top

With the beginning of autumn looming ahead it’s time to make the most of the remaining sunny days and late evening sunsets. With so many spectacular lookouts in our backyard, if you haven’t already, it’s time to check them out!

Here is a list of our top five lookout locations across Auckland.


Bastion Point, Orakei

Only a short drive from Auckland City, Bastion Point, home to Michael Joseph Savage Memorial and beautiful gardens, has a hilltop view like no other. With rolling hills in the foreground and the bustle and noise from the city merely a silhouette against a burnt orange sunset, this spot is the perfect place for a sunset picnic.


Auckland’s Sky Tower

It seems like a given that the Sky Tower would appear somewhere on this list however this view can be experienced in a way no other can. The towers restaurant, Orbit rotates while you dine providing beautiful 360 degree views of the entire city, not to mention great food!



Not only an amazing view but a good excuse to get out for some exercise! Catch a ferry over and spend the day exploring the 260 metre high summit and surrounding native trees and ferns. Take a camera, not only is the view from the top great but there are alternative bush walks providing great snapshot moments.


Mount Eden

Mount Eden is another spot you can’t drive past without checking out. Located in the vibrant suburb of Mount Eden, the volcano has an outlook expanding across both the city and Waitemata Harbour. Standing 196 meters tall, this is definitely another picturesque sunset spot.


North Head, Devonport

If you’re looking for panoramic views, look no further. North Head captures the best of both the city and the Hauraki Gulf. As well as stunning views, North Head also provides a peek back in time at historic events. Featuring tunnels, bunkers and cannons that were used as a part of a defence fort set up in the 1800’s, this location is well worth a day trip.


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