The A-List: Guilt-Free Winter Treats for Foodies

The A-List: Guilt-Free Winter Treats for Foodies

It’s definitely been cooling down this week, and with the cold weather comes the urge to pull on our track pants and comfort ourselves with all sorts of treats we know our waistlines won’t thank us for. To save you the hassle, we’ve put together a list of guilt-free winter comfort foods to satisfy your cold-night cravings.


Dad’s Pies

Let’s be honest, nothing beats a delicious hot pie on a cold winter’s day. Dad’s Pies offer a wide range of flavours from butter chicken to classic mince and cheese, and the best part is that the entire range contains less than 10 percent fat! Dad’s Pies believe pies should be good for you, which is why they contain no nasty ingredients and use prime New Zealand meat.
You can find Dad’s Pies at BP2Go stations, Wild Bean café’s, the Mad Butcher and your local Pak n Save or New World.

Roast dinner

Traditional Roast Dinner

Head to the supermarket, stock up on your favourite meats and veges and plan a heart-warming roast dinner for a cosy night in with your friends or family. There’s nothing more comforting than a warm roast dinner, and what better way to enjoy than with friends and family!
Tip: For a delicious, guilt-free gravy, try replacing the flour in the gravy with a gluten-free flour such as buckwheat or quinoa flour.
For inspiration and cooking tips, head to the Food in a Minute website (below) and check out some great recipes:

Lava cake

 Raw, Vegan Treats

Made from 100 percent plant-based ingredients with no added cane sugar, these popular vegan treats are an experience not to be missed. Simply sweet and made mostly from fruit and nuts, you can rest assured you are doing your body a favour when you indulge in this raw goodie.
Check them out at the Littlebird Unbakery, Borics food market, or at other whole-food stores.

food truck

 Food Truck Burgers

We all have those days where nothing but a big juicy burger will suffice, and The Food Truck has you covered. The Food Truck takes our all-time favourite comfort foods and makes them healthy, using low fat ingredients and doubling on the veggies. We guarantee you’ll love the taste and love how you feel after even more.
Look out for The Food Truck on its travels across the country, or head to The Food Truck Garage restaurant located on Wellesley Street.

cacao hot choc

Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate

It wouldn’t be winter without hot chocolate. Be daring this winter and try a delicious mug of raw cacao hot chocolate. Where most hot chocolates are processed and full of sugar, cacao is raw and full of antioxidants to fight off nasty winter bugs. You can enjoy a warm mug of guilt-free chocolatey goodness.
Buy ready to drink cacao from fresh food markets, or make your own mug with this easy recipe:


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