The A-List: World Cup Fever – Everything You Need To Know To Back The Men In Black

The A-List: World Cup Fever – Everything You Need To Know To Back The Men In Black

Rugby World Cup:


Rugby is synonymous with New Zealand culture – black jerseys, silver ferns and those funny oval balls are all apart of our national identity. Rightly so, our national team, the All Blacks are currently ranked No. 1 in the world and any Kiwi is instilled with a special sense of pride when our boys run out onto the field and perform a spine-tingling haka before every match.

On the 19th of September the 8th quadrennial Rugby World Cup kicks off in England and here at The Generalist PR, we’re super excited! So we’ve done our homework and have compiled when our boys are playing, the best food to snack on while you’re watching the games in the wee hours of the morning and how to recover and make it to work the next day!



Rugby World Cup 2015

The All Blacks are in Pool C along with Argentina, Tonga, Georgia and Namibia. All of the tournament games are available live on Sky Sport 1.

Here are New Zealand’s pool games and times they’re on here at home.

Monday 21st September – New Zealand vs Argentina –3:45am

Friday 25th September – New Zealand vs Namibia – 7:00am

Saturday 3rd October – New Zealand vs Georgia – 8:00am

Saturday 10th October – New Zealand vs Tonga – 8:00am

For details for all matches check out the rugby World Cup Website’s Fixtures page


Keeping Up To Date:


If you can’t make wake up or stay up in time for the games, or if you just want to know how our lads are going, there’s a few ways you can keep on top of the news!


Download the Official Rugby World Cup 2015 app, it’s free on iOS and Android.


Like and follow the Rugby World Cup page

Like and follow the All Blacks


Follow the All Blacks

Follow the Rugby World Cup

Join the conversation by using the hashtag #RWC2015


History of the Tournament:


The Rugby World Cup hasn’t really been around for all that long, with the first tournament being co-hosted by New Zealand and Australia in 1987. Prior to that, there had been no global event uniting the top rugby nations.


The Cup itself is also known as the Webb Ellis Cup, named after William Webb Ellis who is the alleged inventor of rugby! New Zealand have lifted the prestigious trophy twice over the last 32 years, as have South Africa and Australia, with England winning it once too. Can our boys bring it home again and be the first back-to-back champs?


Year Host(s) Final Bronze Final Number of teams
Winner Score Runner-up 3rd place Score 4th place
1987  Australia &
New Zealand

New Zealand
29–9 France Wales 22–21 Australia 16
1991  England,
Scotland &

12–6 England New Zealand 13–6 Scotland 16
1995  South Africa
South Africa
New Zealand France 19–9 England 16
1999  Wales
35–12 France South Africa 22–18 New Zealand 20
2003  Australia
Australia New Zealand 40–13 France 20
2007  France
South Africa
15–6 England Argentina 34–10 France 20
2011  New Zealand
New Zealand
8–7 France Australia 21–18 Wales 20
2015  England 20


Match Day Food:

Chia-V01-1024x683 avocado-chocolate-mousee

Here at The Generalist, we can definitely draw some parallels between the passion we have for rugby, with that which the Americans have for their Super Bowl – and we all know that half the appeal of the Super Bowl is the food! When we’re watching the all Blacks at 4am or 7am, nachos and Buffalo wings probably won’t be what we feel like though! So we’ve taken some inspiration from the USA and have hunted through the breakfast section of The Rugby Pantry, which we thought was rather fitting! Amber Vito and Daisy Aitken are the wives of two of our extraordinary All Blacks and have culminated their love of food and the need to feed the team into a handy, kiwi cookbook. We love the look of the Chia Seed Porridge and the Blueberry Pancakes with Caramelised Banana. Both are great ways to start game day!

Check them out at


If that’s a little too much work to be doing in the wee hours of the morning, why not snack on a bag of New Zealand’s very own limited edition Kettle Korn All Blacks popcorn? Even if it only makes it’s way into your lunchbox the day of the games, you’re getting behind the boys in black and it’s super tasty and healthy!


How to Recover After the Game:

Early mornings are a killer on a normal day, but getting up for that 3:45 kick off on the 21st is going to make starting the week off just a tad tricky! Here are a few tips to make sure you get through the day in one piece!

  • Hold ice cubes or cold teaspoons over your eyes fro 5 minutes. It’ll reduce any sleep-deprived puffiness on your eyes and wake you right up!
  • Have a quick, cool shower to wake up and freshen up.
  • Do some light exercise – you’ve just seen the boys in black leave it all out on the field, the least you can do is a few starjumps!
  • Have a light, low-carb breakfast – we’re thinking fruity smoothies, protein shakes, eggs on toast.
  • Make a list and prioritise whatever you have to get done.
  • Try and grab a 20-minute power nap! Not any longer though or you’ll be more tired than when you lay down.
  • Be excited! The next game isn’t far away…


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