Bosch Media & Trade Launch

About This Project

For the first time in 10 years Bosch launched their biggest range of new ovens to the media and the trade. Over one hundred and thirty engineers, five years and 7,000 consumers took part in the creation of the new Bosch Series 8 range.

The Generalist PR hosted media and trade guests at a launch with upto 150 people over a three day period.


A blank photography studio was transformed to provide a gallery-like atmosphere. The cabinetry and the Series 8 range were draped in white to create anticipation for the unveiling to the guests. Upon entry into the studio, the guests were treated to a spectacular welcome with a laser show highlighting the clean lines and features of the Series 8 range.

The guests were then invited to demonstrations by award-winning chef, Jeremy Schmid, who talked through the PerfectRoast meat probe to produce the always perfectly roasted meat. Bosch National Product Trainer, Shannon, also shared delicious cookies baked thanks to the PerfectBake sensor.

In the evenings, the Generalist PR hosted 60 retailer guests from across the country. The launch was a big success for Bosch resulting in trade orders the following day and continued media placements in key magazines.