About This Project

The Generalist Promo Brand Ambassadors undertook 150 x 4 hr In-store supermarket sessions in Auckland, Northland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua/Taupo, Wellington and Christchurch, over a three month period.

Customers were offed a taste of the flavours from My Main Course; which were Savory Mince or Thai Green Chicken. The samples had been heated and were offered on a tray in small tasting cups.

Our brand ambassador used a microwave and crock pot to heat one flavor at a time within the deli, bakery or the staff room depending on store managers preference. These sessions were mobile which allowed them to be placed by the chilled foods section, which made it easy access for sales.

Customers were very happy to receive the tasty samples to try and were interested to learn about the product versatility and ease of use which held high appeal in todays busy lifestyle.


  • Create awareness around the new product to market – My Main Course
  • Increase sales throughout the campaign
  • Educate the public on My Main Course features, benefits, and where to purchase
  • Capture people’s attention with personable, vibrant and knowledgeable demonstrators
  • Portray the messages in a professional and captivating manner
  • Coincide with multi-layered media campaign



Customers spoken with over campaign period


Samples given over campaign


My Main Course was received very positively by customers with many enjoying the samples and the convenience of the product.

Our client was very pleased with the service and professionalism delivered throughout the campaign and will undertake more sampling in future.

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